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CULT FILM POSTERS:  This category, by definition, contains some of the most collectable film posters of all. The Cult film embraces all genres, they were often made on small budgets and sometimes had limited theatrical releases, making original posters from the first release rare and sought after.  The Cult film sometimes features well known actors in uncharacteristic or early roles (such as Jack Nicholson in Easy Rider). Films frequently acquire cult status because of their subject matter.  Surfing, motor racing, pop & rock music and teen culture have all produced cult classics.  These films have often defined a generation and spawned lines and quotations that have entered the language.  Original posters in this category include Taxi Driver, The Big Wednesday, The Wicker Man, 200 Motels and many more. Scroll down for a selection of original posters we have in stock for this category or search our inventory for specific cult film titles. All our cult film posters are guaranteed original and, unless stated otherwise, were for the first release of the film.


ZED AND TWO NOUGHTS (1985). Original German Poster
ZED AND TWO NOUGHTS (1985). Original German Poster

TITLE: A ZED AND TWO NOUGHTS             DATE: 1985   FORMAT: German   STARS: Andrea Ferreol, Brian Deacon, Eric Deacon. Director: Peter Greenaway.   NOTES:  Provocative examination of birth, life and death in the lives of a car-crash victim and two zoologists. As usual with Greenaway's films, it is more of a beautifully photographed visual essay than a drama.   CONDITION: Grade A. FINE. Folded, as issued...

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